MICHAEL Prize – Award Winner 1995

The Michael Prize 1995

The 1995 Michael Prize was awarded to


Montreal Neurological Institute

Montreal (Canada)


Prof. Dr. Massimo Avoli

The Michael-Prize 1993/94 is granted to

Professor Dr. Massimo Avoli, Montreal Neurological Institute, Montreal, Canada.


By that the merits of this scientist in the field of experimental epileptology is honoured. The prize-winning merit is to introduce surviving human brain tissue, obtained from surgical interventions, into systematic neurophysiological and neuropharmacological investigations. In this field Professor Avoli is, without doubt, a pioneer. His investigations on living human brain slices are dealing with an impressive amount of topics. Among them, Professor Avoli analyzed he electrophysiological characteristics of human cortical neurons, established epilepsy models in human neocortical slices, studies the involvement of transmitter substances in the epileptogenesis and tested the effect of conventional as well as of newly developed antiepileptic drugs on epileptiform activity established in the human nervous tissue. Last not least, he is found to be engaged in characterizing the role of dyspiastic cortical tissue in epileptogenesis. As a whole, the scientific developments initiated and the results elaborated by Professor Avoli represent an outstanding progress in epileptology. They will be trend-setting in the next years.